Video Interviews with Casey James through 8/26/10

Here is a collection of all the video interviews of Casey James from the moment after he received the golden ticket to Hollywood in the fall of 2009 until the end of the American Idol Live tour in August, 2010.

August 26 — Interview with James Ross at LataWata Creek — more a relaxed conversation than a true interview.

August 25 — Interview with KPLR 11 in St. Louis  

August 23 — Interview with MF Magazine in Portland  

August 22 — Interview with On Portland (OnPDX):

August 22 — Interview with Reality Northwest before Portland show (In ten years he hopes to be playing his own music at a venue like this.  His record label has been amazing and understands him as an artist.  Everything in his life has changed. He’ll be moving to Nashville, but he’ll always consider Texas his home.):  

August 20 — Interview with

August 20 — Interview with

August 20 — Interview of Andrew Garcia with, brief Casey appearance: 

August 19:  AT&T one-on-one live chat:

August 19 — Three-part interview with AT&T (top 5):

August 17 — Apple iPhone App interview (discusses making the announcement that he signed with Sony):  

August 15 — Interview with Murtz Jaffer before Staples Concert at LA:

August 14 — Interview before Staples concert in LA (Casey at 1:30)

August 14 — Interview with Yahoo Music before Staples Concert in LA:

August 12 — Interview with MyFoxPhoenix, also known as Fox 10, where Casey mentions for the first time that he will be signing with Sony 

August 10 — Casey and Tim Urban interview in Dallas

August 4 — Interview with On The Verge Promotions in Atlanta: 

August 4 — Interview with Stardust (discusses his band):

August 1 — Interview with Rodney Ho (American Idol Buzz):

August 1 — Interview with “On the Verge Promotions” before Duluth, Georgia concert: 

July 30 — Interview with Fox 5 in New York  

July 29 — Casey at the Cheesecake Factory:  

July 29 — Interview with Casey and Mike about “being part of something bigger than themselves”  

July 29 — Interview with Casey and Mike at the Cheesecake Factory: 

July 25 — Interview from USA Today, before concert in Baltimore:

July 22 — Interview with before the concert at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ.

July 29 — Interview with SomethingPitchy — Casey discusses song choices:  

July — Links to Various Interviews from AOL

July 13 — Interview before concert at Mohegan Sun (Casey at 3:25)

July 12 — Interview and performance of Ian Moore’s Blue Sky on the Wendy Williams Show:  

July 7 — Interview with Phathead, 94.3, Long Island:

July 5 — Interview with Access Hollywood

July 2 — Interview with Steve Wiseman of 99.5 WYCD Detroit

Casey talked about his musical influences and why Nashville would be a logical place for him to end up.  They discussed American Idol, what were Casey’s favorite songs he sang on the show — You’ll Think of Me, Jealous Guy, Hold On (I’m Coming) — and who his favorite mentor was (no surprise, Harry Connick, Jr.). Casey also talked about pranking Andrew Garcia (and feeling pretty guilty about that) and how close he, Andrew and Mike are.


July 1 — Interview at the Palace in Auburn Hills:

June 30 — Collection of Interviews with Entertainment Weekly

June 30 — Interview (with Andrew Garcia and Mike Lynche) with 105.1 Detroit: 

June 30 — Interview with My Fox Detroit (with Andrew Garcia and Mike Lynche) about crashing a wedding  

June 22 — Casey and Aaron Kelly are Interviewed pre-tour

June 21 — Interview with Hollyscoop at the time of the Malibu Beach Party:

June 20 — Casey and Crystal Bowersox interview each other:

June 20 — USTREAM live chat with Casey, Crystal, Didi and Lee

June 18 — Interview with Casey and Siobhan before the AI tour

June 15 — Interview with Yahoo Music:

June 14 — Interview with TV Guide, talking about his audition and what’s in store for him:

June 7 — Interview with KidsDay:

June 5 — Interview with TV Guide (about audition, final 3 and what’s next)

June 3 — Interview with MTV, American Idol Casey James Calls Duet with Bret Michaels An Honor

June 3 — Interview with MTV, Bret Michaels and Casey James Hit it off Right Away

June 2 — Interview with Fox Good Morning NY:

May 31 — Interview (w/top 10) on Larry King Live: 

May 28 — Interview from inside the If I Can Dream House:

May 28 — Interview from inside the If I Can Dream House:  

May 28 — Casey James at the If I Can Dream House:

May 27 — Interview with TVGuide channel (2-part):

May 27 — Interview after leaving the Sky Bar in LA:

May 27 — Interview with Fox 5 Atlanta after the American Idol finale, discussing his duet on stage with Bret Michaels (link missing)

May 26 — Interview with Fox 5 before the American Idol finale  

May 25 — Interviews and pictures with The Bert Show  of Q100 Atlanta

May 21 — Interview and performance of I Don’t Need No Doctor on the Ellen show: Casey James Shares His ‘Idol’ Experience – The Ellen DeGeneres Show

May — Snippets of various backstage interviews on American Idol

May — Collection of all American Idol Interviews (AI9 Diary interviews), in two parts:

May 19 — Interview with Fox 4:

May 19 — Interview after Top Three Performance Show:  

May 18 — Casey visits the hospital that treated him after his motorcycle accident in 2004    

May 18 — Four-part interview with Kidd Kraddick during Casey’s hometown visit as part of American Idol Top Three Week:
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4 (With Gavin DeGraw praising Casey for singing his song):

May 14 — Interview with Fox4Studio Dallas:

May 12 — Interview with Jim Cantiello of MTV News:

May 11 — Top 4 Interview with Access Hollywood “Dish of Salt” discussing duets

May 7 — Top 4 Interview 

May 4 — Interview with Fox 5 San Diego

April 28 — Interview with Fox 5 New York after making the Top 5  

April 21 — Interview with Access Hollywood’s “Dish of Salt” after Casey played Lindsey Buckingham’s guitar on stage

April 6 — Interview with Access Hollywood’s “Dish of Salt”

March 26 — Casey caught walking through the Grove in Hollywood, questioned on TMZ

March 26 — Interview with MyFoxOrlando: 

March 16 — Interview with Jim Cantiello of MTV on people digging into Casey’s past now that he’s on a hit TV show.  Click HERE.

March 12 — Interview with Jim Cantiello of MTV as part of the Top 12

In this interview with MTV News, Casey discusses making into the top 12 and answers the question whether it’s changed him or sunk in.  Casey says, he’s still the same dude that he’s ever been and that he should be sitting at the house with his dogs chilling out or at a gig. He also discusses that his biggest surprise about the show was that there was less music than he expected.

March 12 — Interview with Fox Toledo after making the Top 12.  Casey discusses having already accomplished a huge goal and the next one being making the Top 10.  

March 12 — Interview with “Dish of Salt” of Access Hollywood after making the Top 12.  Casey discusses his roommate situation.

March 11 — Interview with Hollywood Life about what his dream theme would be (blues, of course) and would he do rap? 

February 26, 2010 — AI Top 24 Interview 

Fall, 2009 — Golden Ticket interview


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