Casey James Pre- and Post-American Idol Performances

This is a compendium of all of Casey James’ performances outside of American Idol. Some have full video, some are just sound, but they are the rest of the Casey James’ oeuvre to date. Everything he’s done musically that we have a record of before and after American Idol should be here.

Shape I’m In


Shine Your Shoes (6/6/09)

One in a Row (accompanying his mom Debra on mandolin 6/6/09)

Let me pause here for a shout-out to his ridiculously talented mom. I think that song would be a huge hit on the country charts. Huge. Who doesn’t relate to the lyrics? And she has a great voice. I know it’s not as deep or serious as some of her other songs, but I think it’s a goldmine waiting to be dug!

Gravity (Audio only from the Keys Lounge)

Talk About Suffering (To purchase click on link) (Audio only, circa 2007)

Road to Coming Home (Audio only, circa 2001)

Freezing (Audio only, circa 2001)

Free (Audio only, circa 2001)

Swamp (Audio only, circa 2001)

Above four videos credit twistdfrk

Shine Your Shoes (KIIS Purse Party)

Satisfied (KIIS Purse Party)

Always (KIIS Purse Party)

Jealous Guy (KIIS Purse Party)

I Don’t Need No Doctor (Ellen)

Blue Sky (Wendy Williams Show)

Jealous Guy (from the If I Can Dream House)

HYERLAW (If I Can Dream House)

Jealous Guy (If I Can Dream House)

Casey, Alex, Andrew, and Mike doing OMG (If I Can Dream House)

Casey and Mike rehearsing HYERLAW

Jamming with Andrew Rhim before the tour on Georgia  

The American Idol Top Ten singing (and Casey playing) the Violent Femme’s Blister in the Sun:

The American Idol Top Ten rehearsing (Casey on guitar):

Random Guitar playing during tour rehearsal:

This, from bhyden, starts with Casey James coming back to Texas for his homecoming visit on American Idol. Then there is a nice interview with his mother Debra James. Then, at 4:48 there is a performance I haven’t seen before. Well, Christmas has come early to some of us.  Enjoy:

Here are two videos of Casey’s performance on September 10th at The Ranch in Las Colinas, Texas, playing with the Tim Hood Band. It’s a great reminder of who Casey really is — just a musician — and why he went on American Idol in the first place — to get a chance to be seen, heard and, maybe just maybe, signed.  All that has happened and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving person, since Casey is and has always been all about the music.  You can see it on his face.  You can hear it in his voice.  You can feel it when he plays.

Michael Heeschen took some video of Casey singing Too Sweet For Me at Buttons last Christmas:

For higher resolution, click here:

Fan video made for the song She performed by Casey James and Debra James and broadcast by KNON 89.3 in Dallas


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6 Responses to Casey James Pre- and Post-American Idol Performances

  1. MNCyn says:

    Love all the videos of CJ’s PerforMances!
    Thank you!

  2. MNCyn says:

    I LOVE “Road to Coming Home”. I can’t wait to have that on my Ipod!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Maria says:

    “Freezing” was performed by Casey James ans the Crossover, but the pictures on the Youtube video are of “Casey James Band” which are not the same, so I find it confusing (or maybe unfair).

    • The two bands are 2/3 the same, Casey and BC on guitar and bass, respectively. The drummer of the CJB, Jacy McCann, was not the drummer on the CJ & Crossover songs, that is true. Those songs are about 8 years old, by the way.

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