Casey James American Idol Performances — Part 2

After making the Top 24, it was time for the weekly performances. This post will include the first five Casey James American Idol performances. These performances were crucial as they helped him move through the next significant hurdle on the show — to become part of the Top Ten and thereby make it to the American Idol Summer Tour.

The first performance was Bryan Adams’ Heaven. It was extremely well-received by all the judges, but was also notable for the silly behavior by Kara Dioguardi and others who seemed more focused on Casey’s looks and the Kara-the-Cougar storyline than on his singing.

The next week, Casey sang Gavin DeGraw’s I Don’t Want to Be. I thought this was an electrifying performance that would establish Casey as the frontrunner in this competition. Randy seemed to agree with me and was wowed by Casey’s performance. (As apparently was Gavin who called into the Kidd Kraddick show and spoke to Casey about his performance).  But Ellen made an odd comment about wanting a little more (after acknowledging that he sang great and played great). Then it went rapidly downhill as the next two judges gave insupportably negative comments.  I maintain that this was one of his best performances of the season.

Week 3, Casey took on Keith Urban’s You’ll Think of Me. He seemed a little sad, which fit with the song, but his vocals were spot on. He sang with heart and longing — it was as if he wrote he song. Again, he received mixed, somewhat tepid, responses from the judges for what was an emotional, moving, and winning performance.

The next week, the competition was down to 12 and the boys and girls all performed the same night for the first time. Casey sang It’s All Over Now, most famously performed by the Rolling Stones. Everyone except the grumpy Englishman enjoyed this performance very much and it has gone on to be one of Casey’s signature songs during the American Idol tour.

Top 11 week must have been nerve-wracking for all of the contestants. Whoever lasted this week made it to the tour, whoever was eliminated was leaving just one spot shy. Casey chose the cheesy Power of Love, a song that was trite and over-played when it was first recorded back in the eighties. He sang it well, but the song itself is so old-fashioned it was an unfortunate choice.  Perhaps it is the sign of how good a vocalist Casey that I don’t cringe when I listen to this.  Great, spot-on vocals, really horrible song.


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6 Responses to Casey James American Idol Performances — Part 2

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  2. cc says:

    I like to think that it was my purchase of this “All Over Now” performance that lead to the decision for Casey to add it to AItour – lol !! luv it.

  3. Karen Smith from Hillsboro says:

    Mere power of fans kept Casey going IN SPITE of the show itself. “Heaven”…the cougar showing off so badly, I don’t know how he kept his concentration; “I Don’t Wanna Be”…here we go again, my eternal grudge…”no grit, more like sand”, “no more like dirt”. There went my stomach dropping again; “You’ll Think of Me”…if I remember correctly, Casey was so ill that night with sinus infection, he was taking all sorts of other-the-counter medication. “It’s All Over Now”…he showed them he wasn’t trying to ACT like a rocker (did I mention that I hated Kara). And to pull off the mundane “Power of Love”, was genius. Thanks again, Shari. And thank you especially, Casey.

  4. Kathy from AL @Krainia says:

    Here’s what was happening at the judges tabel while Kara gave Casey feedback about being vulnerable and sensitive (paradox!) Did you ever wonder why Simon was laughing and apologized to Casey? This was on the Ellen show. Talk about Casey being able to handle every situation, wow.

  5. Kathy from AL @Krainia says:

    Silly rabbit, I forgot to post the youtube link that makes the above comment make sense.

  6. So, I didn’t watch the show, but got caught up on youtube. Sorry, it looks like I am just not going to be a fan of that show. But, I will always be a fan of Casey. I can’t help but think he was a bit exploited. My favorite part of what I saw was the part where he talks about having to tell his friend at home that he can’t play the gig for the free dinner because he’s on national t.v. That’s awesome. 🙂 It just puts it all into perspective…. You’ve come a long way Mr. James, and you seem to remember every step of the way. I’m not sorry I missed the show that apparently deemed him “cougar bait”. But, I’m thrilled to see the career of a deserving rising star taking off.

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