[Old] Interview with Casey James during American Idol Tour

On August 10, 2010, Darla Atlas of the Dallas News had some time to visit with Casey James and the rest of the American Idol Season 9 Live Tour.  Casey was still being coy about his post-Idol plans, neither confirming nor denying he was about to sign with a record label.

James is also happily fielding opportunities. He couldn’t comment on rumors that he’d signed with a label, “but things are good. I talked with some people today that really made this a beautiful day for me in more ways than one.”

Looking back, he calls his decision to try out for Idol “the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

But he wasn’t shy about admitting how great is was to be back in Texas:

When Casey James stepped off the American Idol tour bus Monday morning, he decided to skip sleep time at the hotel before that night’s concert at American Airlines Center. A little R&R at home in Fort Worth sounded too good to pass up.

“That was the most rejuvenating thing for my spirit that I could possibly imagine,” says James, who finished in third place last season. “I pet my dogs for a couple of hours, hung out with my brother and cousin at my house, bought doughnuts, went to El Taquito Cafe.”

What was the reaction to him around town?

“It was like, ‘Hey, he was on American Idol,’ but then it’s just, ‘Here’s your taquitos,’ ” he says. “I paid $3.25 extra for the hot sauce, but it was worth it. I got 12 of ’em.”
James, it’s safe to say, has been homesick.

“This has been the greatest day, without a doubt,” he says of his time on tour with the top 10. “But now that I’ve been home, I’m set for a little while, you know? I’m filled up.”

Check out the article HERE.


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