Casey James Interview with Y98

Right after finishing in third place on Season 9 of American Idol, Casey James was interviewed by Paul Cook of Y98 of St. Louis.  Casey was very happy with how everything had turned out and felt that he had fulfilled his goal which was, ultimately, to be able to continue to make music.

Paul asked Casey what his favorite theme night was, and Casey quickly said R&B night.   The interviewer said Casey should get credit for staying true to himself, that Casey showed all the multi-talented things he could do, but didn’t pretend to be something he wasn’t.  Casey really appreciated that Paul noticed that, as it was his plan going on the show to be himself, however it worked out.  He also talked about bringing his cousin’s daughter up on stage during his goodbye song, saying she had been wanting a hug all day and he figured he couldn’t be kicked off the show for going out into the audience!

The interview is audio only, but two fan videos were put together of the interview:


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