Casey James Article in – 5/19/10 published an interesting article back following Casey James’ hometown visit as part of the American Idol Season 9 final three.  They interviewed Danny Ross, owner of the Keys Lounge, about the real Casey, who Ross described a “throwback” to the bygone era of bluesmen — the kind who would travel from town to town, playing gigs until the sun came up.

Ross told the interviewer that he’d never met someone as dedicated and in love with playing music as Casey.  “I’d have parties at my house, and Casey would play … and he’d just keep playing,” Ross was quoted as saying. “It would be 3, 4 in the morning, and I’d have gone to bed, and he’d still be playing. If there was one person still at the party, he’d keep playing for them. He’s that dedicated.”

“I think America likes him … I think, overall, because of his playing — he’s played to all kinds of crowds, big and small and now national, and he has the poise to do anything,” he said. “He’s a far better guitar player than he’s shown on the show. … I really think he could be the next John Mayer, only without the attitude.”

To read the entire interview, please click here.


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